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We care about people but above all, to you.

That’s why we’re dedicated to making things easier and safer for you.

How did we get here? Would you like to get to know us a little more?

Our history began more than 65 years ago, which are the ones we are immersed in the sale of residential properties, offices and warehouses.


Are you looking for a property manager in Barcelona or Sabadell?

Administradores de fincas

Along the way, we have discovered other needs and situations in which you also need our support. We want to be in that just moment. We want to be with you. We want to be the first. Give you answers and give you time, tranquility and security. If something we have achieved since our inception is experience but, to be honest, we want more.

Equipo Bourgeois Fincas

We are a team of professionals made up of lawyers, administrators, property agents and economists. People who are attentive to you, always advising you when you need it and offering you the explanations you are looking for. Without distances, because the closer we are, the better we will work.

Expertos en gestión de inmuebles

We have specialized in four areas of work to better coordinate projects and achieve better results. The administration of properties for communities is one of them, through which we provide administration services and advice to the owners of real estate, manage their rents and all matters that fit into a Community of Owners. We are your best representation.

Property Administrators Barcelona and Sabadell

When it comes to dealing with your wealth, there’s only one way to manage it: with the peace of mind and the certainty of knowing that you’re doing it professionally. In this sense, the Bourgeois Fincas team knows the market inside out and thanks to this, we design and implement real estate management and investment strategies. Your objectives are ours: maximum profitability and preventive conservation of the properties to avoid their deterioration.

gestión de fincas e inversión inmobiliaria

Servicio de administración de fincas de confianza

You’ll have figured it out by now. Real estate is one of our passions. We don’t see houses or apartments or penthouses. We see much more. We see beginnings, dreams, illusions, projects to live. And you, what are you looking for? Do you want to buy or rent? Are you thinking of selling a property? Barcelona and the Maresme coast have become the best places to live and we want you to be the first to discover it.

From Bourgeois Fincas we will continue to do what we like.
What we’ve set out to do.
Simply that, every day, is the best of your life.

Bourgeois Prime real estate services

You can have a real estate asset or you can have the security and peace of mind of putting that real estate asset in good hands. Although it may seem that it is the same, we assure you that they are two totally different ways of understanding this service.

If the second option convinces you more, we already have something in common because, for us, this is also the best decision you can make. Let us tell you how you can do it, or better, introduce you to our team. Our department specialised in real estate assets will be involved from the very first moment to achieve the objectives set with you.

Furthermore, if anything makes us different, it is that at Bourgeois we do not only design property management and investment strategies. We like to go further and that’s why we also implement them and stay by your side to do the proper follow-up. Because working with you is one of our passions.

We offer many services, but we can summarize them in three words: protect, increase and conserve your assets. These are the main axes of our activity.

It doesn’t matter the volume or your objectives. The only thing that matters is that we take your assets seriously because we wouldn’t think of doing it any other way. Because more than your heritage, it is your present and future.

Choosing a farm manager for a community is one of the most important decisions that all neighbors have to make together. The stakes are high. This figure will be the person who knows best what is happening in the community and should anticipate the needs of everyone in the building. Different opinions, glances and even ways of thinking that the administrator must know how to coordinate in order to breathe a pleasant atmosphere.

And no. It should not be a complicated task to find that representation. Our experience of more than 50 years helps us to understand and face with total guarantee the particularities of each community, through an agile, close and above all, transparent management system.

Because to administer a community is to organize, to take the reins, to take responsibility, to advance and to optimize resources. But it is also advising, accompanying and being at the disposal of all the neighbors day by day.


Houses that are dreams, principles, projects. Houses that close stages and houses that want to be filled with life. Houses that look out over the Mediterranean and houses that are a place to disconnect in the centre of Barcelona. Different and unique houses for people like you, who are also like that.

This is how we understand the houses of the more than 50 professionals in the real estate sector who are part of Bourgeois Agency and Bourgeois Prime, two delegations of our company specialized in the management and intermediation of buying, selling and renting properties.

Our portfolio is so wide that it allows us to find the best home for you and yours. At Bourgeois Agency, we have selected the best properties in Barcelona, the city we are passionate about and which continues to give us unique moments to live in.

On the other hand, Bourgeois Prime is synonymous with luxury and quality. These are the properties that we put at your disposal, different but not inaccessible. Since we discovered the coast of the Maresme, we knew that you would like it as much as we do. For its beaches, for its light, for its traditions, for its tranquillity, for its location, for its way of stopping the clocks…

We want to show you a place that is closer than you have imagined and in which the house you have dreamed of exists.

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