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Houses that are dreams, principles, projects. Houses that close stages and houses that want to be filled with life. Houses that look at the Mediterranean and houses that are a place to disconnect in the centre of Barcelona. Different and unique houses for people like you, who are also like that.
This is how the more than 50 professionals in the real estate sector who form part of Bourgeois Agency and Bourgeois Prime, two branches of our company specialized in the management and intermediation of the purchase, sale and rental of properties, understand the houses.
Our portfolio is so broad that it allows us to find the best home for you and yours. At Bourgeois Agency, we have selected the best properties in Barcelona, the city that we are passionate about and that continues to give us unique moments to live in.


Roger de Llúria, 151
08037, Barcelona

Telf. 93 415 78 78


Les Valls, 20
08201, Sabadell

Telf. 93 727 17 17

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