At Bourgeois Fincas we want to be the Property Manager in Barcelona that you need. We put at your disposal all the necessary services of the real estate sector, offering administration and consulting services to the owners of real estate guaranteeing a rigorous and integral management of the same, whether in the horizontal property or the vertical property.

Property management services

Community administration


We understand that homeowner communities demand professional services,
transparent and that add value
to the traditional service of the property management.


icono Custody of community documentation and books.

icono Invoicing of fees and issuance of receipts.

icono Account control

icono Quarterly internal accounting audits.

icono Closure of accounts and preparation of budgets.

icono External audits

icono Preparation and sending of the Announcements for the Boards.

icono Attendance at the General and Extraordinary Meeting.

icono Drafting of the Minutes of the Meeting.

icono Slow payer claims

icono Database update.

icono Preparation of debt certificates.

icono Contracting of supplies and services.

icono 24 hour customer service

icono Visits to the facilities for supervision

Asesoría jurídica

Legal, tax and employment advice


We have a team of professionals in the sector and always at your
service to offer you an impeccable vision of legal, fiscal and labor action.
We interpret and apply current legislation, unifying criteria to avoid litigation.


icono Technical Architects.

icono Experts in Technical Inspections of ITEs Buildings.

icono Lawyers specializing in slow payers collection.

icono Lawyers specializing in construction defect claims.

icono Job counseling experts.

icono Fiscalists.

icono Judicial appraisers and for insurance companies.

icono Advisors and audits for energy saving and efficiency.

Constitution of owner’s communities

We process the constitution of the owner’s community. We work to advise on compliance with legal regulations, advise on community decisions and ensure their proper functioning, strictly complying with the agreements of the boards.

Insurance for homeowner’s communities


At Bourgeois Fincas, we protect your community from any adverse circumstances with comprehensive insurance, which includes home policies and building insurance.

Energy saving

Our goal is clear, to save money for your community and help take care of the environment. That is why, in Bourgeois, we have specialists in the sector who, through an energy audit, will optimize tariffs to help save between 20-40% of the energy consumed.

Online web + App

At Bourgeois we believe in caring for the environment and that is why we left paper communications behind.

We are committed to new technologies so we work every day to offer a more advanced service to meet the needs of our customers and maintain the best communication with our employees. Our unique tools enable access to all community data according to the hierarchies established by the Community.

From the Bourgeois Fincas website and app you can:


icono  Make payments online

icono  Report an incident and monitor its follow-up automatically

icono  Sign documents digitally, without having to go to the office

icono  Order certificates easily and quickly without having to call us

icono  See the steps taken by your administrator and contact him

icono  Monitor the status of accounts in real time

icono  Have all the documents of interest, such as proceedings, insurance policy, etc.

icono  Virtual meetings, with telematic votes without the need to go in person.

Management of owner communities in Barcelona

Tracking and accounting control of online community accounts

We offer an updated control of the accounting of the Owner’s Community by means of its opening in agreement with the habitual norms and economic rules.

In Bourgeois we care about you, and that is why every day we adapt to help you in family conciliation. That’s why we have a virtual board.


icono You can vote by video call, web or mobile.

icono  Know all the points and budgets at least 8 days in advance.

icono  Ask questions and propose ideas before the meeting.

icono  Without having to meet in difficult hours. Conciliation of family/professional life.

icono  Point-by-point and vote-by-vote control of everything decided in the Board.

icono  Maximum transparency and clarity.

icono  On the day of the meeting you decide if you want to attend online or attend in person.

Seguimiento contable

Reports of service visits to your property, quarterly report to president

The president of the community will be informed in a quarterly report and will be presented with a detailed financial report of the balance.

Follow-up via email or phone


You can contact the advisor via email or telephone at any time to resolve any issues immediately.

Maintenance optimization

Maintenance is a basic process that supports the achievement of asset management goals. Good maintenance is not enough. Make sure that every task you perform adds value to your organization and that all resources are used effectively to mitigate performance degradation.

Property management in Barcelona, Maresme and Sabadell

We also reached many other areas. When it comes to dealing with your wealth, there is only one way to manage it: with the peace of mind and the certainty of knowing that you are doing it professionally. In this sense, the team of Bourgeois Fincas know the market in depth and thanks to this, we designed and implemented real estate management and investment strategies. Your objectives are ours: maximum profitability and preventive conservation of the properties to avoid their deterioration.

You will have already noticed. Real estate is one of our passions. We don’t see houses or apartments or penthouses. We see much more. We see beginnings, dreams, illusions, projects to live. And you, what are you looking for? Do you want to buy or rent? Are you thinking of selling a property? Barcelona and the Maresme coast have become the best places to live and we want you to be the first to discover it.

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