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Virtual Meetings have gone from being an option due to the pandemic situation, to being a present necessity.

As a measure to contain the SARS-CoV-2 epidemic outbreak, urgent jurisdictional, social and health measures were implemented. Among those present, the suspension of the obligation to hold and call the Meetings of the Communities of Owners until June 30, 2022. Therefore, the ordinary face-to-face general meetings were suspended, with online meetings being the best valid means of communication, thus demonstrating the importance of having knowledge of making the correct and appropriate use of digital tools for this purpose.

At Bourgeois Fincas we have extensive experience with videoconference meetings of owners, being our pioneer company in Barcelona. We also work hard to offer the best solutions in accordance with the provisions of Book V of the Civil Code of Catalonia. It regulates the rights and obligations of the owners of the community of neighbors. This allows us to always offer the best quality of service to our customers.

Advantages of holding telematic neighborhood meetings

At Bourgeois Fincas we care about you, which is why every day we adapt to help you in family reconciliation.

Through the virtual owners meeting you can vote by video call, web or mobile.

You know all the points and budgets with a minimum advance notice of 8 calendar days and the extras the time necessary for the owners to be aware.

With virtual meetings you can ask questions and propose ideas before the meeting. Without having to meet at complicated hours.

Reconciliation of family / professional life.

Control point by point and vote by vote of everything that is decided in the Meeting.

Maximum transparency and clarity.

On the day of the meeting you can decide whether to go in person or to go online

Virtual meetings of property owners

Conduct neighborhood meetings by videoconference

Neighborhood meetings can be as comfortable as you want, we explain how to hold them from Bourgeois Fincas.

How to connect to the virtual meetings of Bourgeois Fincas?

You need to have your user number and password, and connect to the app or the web.

In this way, we will know that the client is the true owner, who will be able to vote on the different topics, established in the agenda.

Since the votes and approvals of the boards are based on coefficients and majorities, the app calculates it automatically, it’s that easy!

Holding owners meetings has never been so comfortable.

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Our services as property managers

Administration of neighboring communities

We help you manage all kinds of needs, from the issuance of receipts, attendance at general and extraordinary meetings, drafting of meeting minutes, to delinquency claims and much more.

Legal, tax and labor advice

We have a team of professionals in the sector who are always at your disposal to offer you an impeccable vision and legal, fiscal and labor action.

Constitution and management of communities of owners

We take care of the constitution of the community of owners. We advise on compliance with the law and on community decisions, and we ensure proper functioning, strictly complying with the agreements of the meetings.

Insurance for communities of owners

At Bourgeois Fincas, we protect your community against any adverse circumstance with comprehensive insurance policies, including home and building insurance.

Building energy savings

At Bourgeois we have specialists in this field who can optimize your rates through an energy audit and help you save between 20 and 40% on the cost of energy.

Maintenance optimization

Building maintenance is a key process that supports the achievement of asset management objectives.


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